Erlang for Google Sheets

This page has a freeware version of a shared file for Google Sheets which allows you to use standard Erlang-C calculations within sheets.

Note this is a beta test version that has a link to a sheet containing the functions as scripts. Open the sheet using the link below and use File - Make a Copy to create your own version, then edit the new copy.
The functions have the same names and parameters as the Excel versions, to view the details download the Erlang for Excel files. The functions are described in the ErlangXL.doc Word document.

You are allowed to download and use these files for your own use, however the content remains the copyright of the author. You may not sell, rent or lease these files or any part of them without prior written consent of the copyright owner.

These files are provided as-is, the author makes no guarantees as to the suitability of them for any task and will not be held liable for any damages that might be caused to your hardware, software or data.

Google Sheets

(version 0.1, 3 May 2016)
shared file containing scripts for Erlang functions.


Javascript Source

(version 0.1, 3 May 2016)
Source file for creating your own Sheet
Open a new Sheet, select Tools - Script Editor.
Replace any auto-generated content with the text from this file and save the project.
To test; in the Sheet type in any cell =Agents(0.95, 30, 100, 180)
If it displays 9, all is correct


Functions available within Google Sheets: