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Erlang for Excel

Erlang for Excel version 1.8a
(19 July 2022)

Erlang based formula right inside your Excel spreadsheet, ideal for staff forecasting and performance measurement.

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Erlang for Google Sheets

Erlang for Google Sheets version 0.1
(3 May 2016)

Erlang based formula right inside your Google Sheets spreadsheet, a port of the Excel version.

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TheSwitch version 1.1a
(14 Feb 2000)

Simulator program for skill based routing switches. A true Windows program with visual effects for those "what if?" scenarios.

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Call Center Calc

Call Center Calculator version 1.1g
(1 June 2006)

A Windows program for Call Center staffing, based on the Erlang model.

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This web site has been created to help all call center professionals by providing some useful tools for planning and staff forecasting.

When I moved into call center management quite a few years ago, I struggled with the lack of good planning tools to help me do my job. As I have a technical and programming background I set about learning queuing theory and developing a number of aids for my own use. Early in 1999 I decided to share my expertise with the rest of my profession. The response I had from all over the world has been astounding and that led to the creation of this site which is on a commercial host server in the UK. So far I have funded this site myself, I hope that I can continue to do so.

Your feedback is very welcome and helps to determine what will be developed next. If anyone has any other tools or good examples they wish to share, I will gladly include them on this site.

Please note that all copyright for these products has been asssigned to Kenshiki Limited. All references to T&C Limited in the source or documentation are now applicable to Kenshiki Limited. This does not change the free distribution of this software.

 Lester Bromley